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The Steakholder Details:

Automatically reserve your reorder  with an annual membership deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on how many times per year that you plan to order:

        Annually  - $100

        Biannually - $200

        Tri-annually - $300


Your entire deposit amount gets applied to your order total/s. 

Your deposit will be due annually, based on the date you sign up. It can be postponed or canceled anytime, but your deposit is nonrefundable.

Once you pay your membership, we will be in touch with you about the month or months that you'd like your order/s reserved.

The balance for your order/s is not due until you get your beef.


Your membership guarantees that you'll have beef when you need it.


While you don't need to become a steakholder to reorder your beef, this automates the process, so you'll never run out and will be guaranteed your spot.


Your membership helps us plan for how many cattle the cooperative needs to raise to serve our customers, as well as how many harvest dates we need to reserve with our processor.

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