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Our Conservation Efforts

Here in the heart of the Ohio River Valley, most of our farms are

comprised of a lot of hills, hollers, and small water streams

traveling a short distance to the Ohio River. Because of this

location, our efforts to control water quality and best-practice

manure management have become the forefront of some of

our co-op members' priorities.

Our farmers are learning new ways to improve the streams and

ponds that we draw water from for our cattle, constructing fences

to keep them directly out of water streams, improving soil health

and limiting erosion with the use of cover crops, as well as using

new manure management practices to limit field run-off.

We are also concerned with preserving our family farms in the midst of urban sprawl.  We are only borrowing this land for a short time - and we feel it's our responsibility to conserve all that it offers our children.

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