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All Producers Have Their
Ohio Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Certification

Our standard for raising beef is that our animals get the best of care from start to finish. We require that all Co-Op members complete the Ohio Beef Quality Assurance training to ensure this consistency.

Upon completing the Beef Quality Assurance training, the Code of Conduct states:

Our producers will have a commitment to consumers to produce the safest, highest quality beef in the world.

Producers will use the BQA production practices because maintaining an optimum environment for cattle to produce at their best promotes efficiency and quality at the same time.

BQA training shows our producers that keeping records of all our production practices are the best way to reduce liability, provide quality assurance to our customers, and continue to ensure a safe beef supply through strict adherence to residue avoidance practices.

BQA is a combination of technology, common sense, a concern for animal well-being and a consumer oriented production system.

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