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The Many Hats of a Cooperative Member


We are farmers first -  but once we began the cooperative - with the mission to reconnect with consumers through directly marketing our beef - we soon felt more like meat science students, nutritionalists, salesmen, transporters, secretaries, accountants, advertising gurus, website builders, & grant writers.  Not to mention the task of tracking inventory, ordering supplies and shipping out orders. This is by no means a complaint- it is simply to demonstrate how we are different.  We don't have paid employees or outsource any part of the chain from our farm to your plate (other than where our cattle are harvested and USDA inspected) - we have a hand in every step of the process to ensure the type of quality-control that our customers expect from us - and we are so very proud of that distinction.  It is a lot of extra work to sell directly off the farm, but the intrinsic rewards that come from meeting our customers, shaking their hands and hearing their praises for what we are doing is worth it... to us at least. 

Who We Are


We are farm families who know beef. Our daily lives consist of tending to cattle in a way that is beneficial to our animals, our environment and our families. We are the grandchildren of those who did more than just produce on a farm. Our grandparents, our great-grandparents and those generations before us lived off of the farm more than making a living off of the farm. They raised livestock and crops to feed their families.


Those same practices that our grandparents used have been passed to us as part of the family farming tradition. It's a tradition that taught us how to raise healthy cattle on the lush pasture knolls of this Ohio Valley, and to feed them properly and in a way that ultimately is something you are proud of and feel good about when you sit at the dinner table. It is a tradition that has continued on each of our family farms, because it is what we feel is the best for our cattle, as well as for our children and our families. In the Ohio River Valley, it is the perfect home for cattle to live and grow. They thrive on the rolling landscapes that we call home. This is our families’ heritage: traditions passed from one generation to the next.  We want to preserve these traditions, and at the same time share the quality beef that comes from them with our local friends and neighbors.

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