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Our Production Guidelines

To become a member of the Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative, each entity must to agree to following terms in regards to their cattle production practices:


  • Cattle being fed for harvest through the Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative must be guaranteed to have NEVER been administered any type of antibiotic (therapeutic or otherwise), growth hormones, or steroids used to enhance muscle mass.

  • Cattle must be traceable to the farm of origin, verified with proper tag ID records and age information.

  • Cattle must be born locally.

  • Cattle must show beef type conformation with at least slight muscling.

  • Bull calves must be castrated by weaning.

  • No Braham or Dairy influence

  • Horned cattle must be properly dehorned, according to the BQA guidelines.

  • All cattle must be properly vaccinated to ensure the health of the animal and those it comes into contact with. Vaccination records must be verifiable from a cooperative-approved Veterinarian.

  • Cattle must be no more than 18 months of age at the time of slaughter; with finished weight targets from 650-750 lbs.  Weights below or above this range cannot be guaranteed to sell through the cooperative.

  • Producer will guarantee all heifers open.

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