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Introducing the Steakholder's Club

The co-op has been working very hard to make sure our product maintains the consistency you have come to experience over the past four years. It is our hope you continue to purchase from us in the years to come. We want to make sure that when it comes time for you to repurchase your beef, you don’t have to wait, like we have experienced this year.

We have come up with a solution that we hope is a win-win for all....


How does it work?

To enroll in our Steakholder’s Club all you need to do is fill out the form here and pay your annual membership deposit. You will need to indicate how often you would like to receive our beef share: one-three times a year, and what size beef share you would like to reserve.

When do I pay?

You will pay an annual membership deposit based on how often you would like to receive your beef share.

Annually - $100

Biannually - $200

Tri-annually - $300

This deposit is due when you sign up and will be due annually based on the date you sign up. The deposit will be applied toward your total order, which isn’t due until you get your beef.

What’s happens next?

Once you submit your form, we will be in touch about the month or months you would like to receive your order. We are setting dates for 2021 at this time.

What if I need to cancel or postpone?

If you realize later that you need to postpone your beef order pickup month, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to secure a new date. You can also cancel your membership at anytime prior to your membership renewal. After your membership renewal (the date you pay your deposit) your cancellation will result in a forfeiture of your deposit.

From Farm to Fork

Your membership helps us plan for how many cattle the cooperative needs to raise to serve our customers. Our cattle take approximately 18 months to raise so planning is essential.

Your membership also allows us to work with our processors to reserve just the right amount of dates with them. While we already have dates established for 2021, we want to make sure we only secure what we need. Processing, more specifically processing facilities and availability, has always been an issue, especially in the Midwest, but it has just recently come to light in the media as COVID-19 has put a strain on an already strained industry. When we secure only the dates we need, we help free up availability for other farmers. When resources are as scarce as they are with processing facilities, you need more than an educated guess to make it work for everyone.

Most importantly, the Steakholder's Club allows you to get your beef exactly when you need it, with no wait times and no running out of beef – which is a crisis in our households!

While you don't need to become a Steakholder member to reorder your beef, this automates the process, so you'll never run out and will be guaranteed your spot.

Now that is a win-win for everyone.

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