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The Daily Chores: Clipping Pasture

Hi Ya'll! Aubrey here with the Buckeye Valley Beef Co-op. The corn and soybeans are finally planted (YAY!!), and in some cases replanted and re-replanted. What you've probably seen in the media is true - it's been a hell of a year for farmers, and it's only July.

We are finally to that point in the summer where we are in clean-up and fix mode. We have been clipping down the old dead grass with the bush-hog, mending and weed-eating fence rows, cleaning out ponds, etc. The cows are still able to enjoy green, lush pastures on account of all the of the rains we've had - although since the rain stopped for us rather abruptly last week, these hills we live on are starting to get a bit dry.

I hope you like my first video blog - I do enjoy writing, but this time of year my time is limited - and so are my thought processes. Plus, Lori does an awesome job with her blogs!

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