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Spreading Holiday Cheer for all the World to Hear

Happy December, everyone! I don’t even have to ask what you've been busy with over the past few weeks. I know it’s been filled with lots of baking, buying, and mistletoe, right? Our co-op has been busy working some local craft shows and getting our Holiday Taste of the Farm bundles out in time for Christmas. We also kicked off our Facebook campaign as a part of our NCR-SARE grant we received to conduct marketing research on behalf of all small agricultural based businesses. Shew, it makes me tired just thinking about it.

This time of year it can be hard to slow down and just reflect. Because of that, I purposely take time on my drive to work to mentally thank everyone that has helped me, the cooperative, or others in general. Because I am shopping for Christmas gifts, I am out and about more; being a small business owner, I notice the subtle touches and all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making the business run smoothly. From the carefully decorated window displays, to the detailed and continuous updates on social media, your local businesses work around the clock to give you the perfect shirt, deli sandwich, furniture, or meat you deserve.

As we close this decade out, take time to not only reflect on individuals that make your life easier and healthier, but those businesses, too. Did you know the best compliment to these businesses is to give a review for others to see? Think about it; how often do you look at the stars on a product before purchasing? If you see a negative review, do you still buy it? You turn skeptical don’t you?

If you love our product and services, and you’d like to leave a review for us, you can do so in three ways:

We love reviews for several reasons. They tell us more about what you like and don’t like. We can adjust our business practices based on the feedback we receive. We value honest feedback, so if you love us, tell us; if you aren’t happy, tell us. We will do our very best to make you happy – our promise!

What better way to share the Christmas Spirit than by leaving reviews for those businesses you love most!

Happy Holidays from our families to yours!

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