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Introducing Bolender Family Farms, 3rd generation

Adam & Aubrey Bolender established their own farm in 2008 - by established I mean that they raised their first crop of soybeans together and combined Adam's cows with Aubrey's. In working together, they had a successful first harvest and their cows got along okay, so they decided it'd be alright to go ahead and get married in August of 2009...

Really young farmers - back when we thought cut-off shirts and cut jeans were cool.

Okay, that's not exactly how it went, but it is true that we both had a love of farming in our blood that stemmed from growing up on our families' farms. It's also true that we started our own farming operation in 2008 - with the help of our parents and a small operating loan from a lender willing to take a risk on two kids that only had some cows, a truck and a four wheeler to use as collateral.

We farmed 100 acres and had 12 black Angus cows. We purchased our home farm and Adam also purchased an additional 26 Holstein cows to milk with his family on their dairy farm. I was working off the farm as a fifth grade school teacher. We worked really hard to grow and improve Adam's family farm. We'd started raising freezer beef, as well as adding wheat and straw to our operation. We watched the dairy side of the farm suffer from high input costs and low returns, so we slowly built our beef cow/calf operation in the process.