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How much beef is right for you?

1/12 Beef

We like to call this the "empty-nesters" bundle, but many families with children purchase this several times throughout the year.  It's a standard assortment of steaks, roasts and ground beef in a 35 lb. bundle. If you are unable to store our larger quantities, this bundle still gives you a bulk option to save some money.  For more information, check out our online store or contact us.

1/4 Beef

Ideal for 1-2 people. This will provide you with approximately 1.2 pounds of meat per person, per week, over the course of one full year.  This will be about 125 lbs of meat for your freezer. These can be custom cut to fit your needs.  It would fit in the top of a stand-up freezer.


1/2 Beef

A choice for medium-sized families (i.e. 2 adults, 3 children), or those who like beef on their plates more than any other meat.  This is about 250 lbs of meat for your freezer.These can be custom cut to fit your needs. It would fit in a smaller chest freezer or an entire stand-up freezer.


Whole Beef

A popular choice for large families. Many choose to cost-share and divide among 4 and 5 other families.  This is about 500 lbs of meat for your freezer.  These can be custom cut to fit your needs.  You would need a large chest freezer to store this amount.

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