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Taste of the Farm Holiday Bundles

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Is it just me or does it feel like Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year? I mean seriously, it is November 14th and my Facebook newsfeed is flooded with beautiful buffalo check patterns and Christmas Trees. Does it make you feel behind the eight ball already? I know I do. Don’t even get me started on Christmas shopping. The most I’ve accomplished is browsing Amazon and price comparing.

When I am looking to buy a loved one a gift for the holiday season, I look at the experience they are getting. Is it a new InstantPot they can use all year long to cook up wonderfully quick and easy meals? Is it tickets to a UK basketball game they have been dying to see? How about a box full of a variety of locally-grown, all-natural poultry, beef, and pork they can cook up and satisfy their families hankerings just by opening their freezer? Well, I can’t help you with the basketball tickets, but I can help you with the hankerings!

This holiday season, we are teaming up with Grass Powered Poultry and Nethero Farms to satisfy just about any hankering your meat-loving loved one may have with our Taste of the Farm Holiday Bundle.

The Farmers Behind the Ps

Dana Workman Stacey, and her husband Jesse, own and operate Grass Powered Poultry & Meats in Hillsboro, Ohio. Their story began in 2012 with a batch of pastured meat chickens and a dream. Over the years, they've added eggs, turkey, beef, and pastured pork. Dana says, “the more we learned about the issues of our current food system and how food impacts our health, the more committed we became to growing a stronger local food economy and making sure our community had access to wholesome pasture-raised products.” Jesse and Dana spend their free time taking pictures of their adorable children, cows, and enjoying the simple things in life.

Nethero Farms Pork

Eric and Lori, of Nethero Farms, are members of our cooperative, but along side beef cattle, they also raise their own pork. Eric has always had a love of hogs, showing them as a fair project all throughout his childhood. Lori, on the other hand, a goat lover by comparison, wasn’t quite as confident. To give her a little encouragement, Eric broke her in with the birth of their first litter of piglets in 2016. Ever since, she considers all the sows as family, namely Martha, Pepper, Pippa and Blue, and takes on the not so rosy job of cleaning out their pens. Eric and Lori raise their hogs with the same standards they raise their cattle; with the highest integrity to provide their customers with a high-quality taste they can trust.

Our Taste of the Farm Bundles feature 1 lb Prime Cut Ribeyes (2 count), 1 lb NY Strip Steaks (2 count), 1 lb Ground Round, 1 lb Jalapeno Brats (8 count), 1 lb Maple Sausage Links (12 + count), 1 lb Sage Sausage Loaf, 1 pkg. Boneless Chicken Breast (2 count) and 1 pkg. Leg Quarters (2 count). You can purchase yours for $75 dollars.

To preorder yours by December 15th, visit our website, call us at (937) 403-4135, email us at, or message us on Facebook. If your loved one lives farther than over the river and through the woods, we can ship it for a flat rate of $15; otherwise, we also offer farm pickup or local delivery. Hurry though, this is a very limited seasonal offering, so don’t wait.

Catch ya on the flip side Christmas, I got my meat-loving friends covered.

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