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Summertime Goodness

The upcoming weather forecast just screams summer!

We have been waiting to see 80-degree weather for what feels like an eternity now.

Bring on the pool parties, barbecues, grilling, and summer fun. For us farmers, it means the floodgates have opened and it is time to get the corn and beans in the ground and the hay mowed and bailed. Our cattle are happily tromping through dryer pasture grounds and their selection of grasses is growing by the day.

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to stock up on foods that we can prepare on the grill. Cooking outside keeps me from getting frustrated about being stuck indoors after a long day in the office. It also keeps the heat out of the kitchen.

I love to grill up lots of chicken, beef, and veggies. Last night we grilled up some chicken breasts with some bell peppers for a quick and easy weeknight meal. Here are three more of my favorite summertime recipes:

This dish isn’t cooked on the grill but makes good use of those yummy veggies we have at our fingertips throughout the summer. You can make a big dish on the weekend and eat on it for lunches through the week.

Do you camp a lot through the summer? If so, this is a quick and easy meal that everyone will enjoy. The mushroom soup mix will get your kids to eat their veggies, too, which is always a plus. I like this recipe during the busy planting and harvest seasons because it can be eaten on the go, but still provide a hearty meal to keep our farmers going.

Did I mention that we are expecting our first little babe? If not, this might have given it away. When you have a hankering for hamburgers and tacos, why not make both? This is a quick and easy spin on the weekend usual cheeseburger special your family might be getting burnt out on.

Stay-tuned for more of our favorite recipes. Right now, we happen to have ground beef on-hand. Head on over to our farm store and stock up your freezers for those blessed summer nights coming our way.

I am off to dust off those shorts and let the sunlight get to these casper legs.

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