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New Year, New You

Hello 2020! Did anyone else realize we were entering a new decade until it came? It didn’t even cross my mind until someone said it's the roaring 20’s! A few things entered my thoughts. One being that when our kids ask about the 20’s they will refer to 2020 instead of 1920. The other being that those of us lucky enough to be born in the 19’ somethings will be considered “old” to the kiddos. Okay, now I am just depressing myself.

Well, it might be the start of a new decade, but the annual New Year’s resolutions still remain intact. Mine this year are to get better at meal prepping, get more organized, and exercise more (yes, I know, these are probably on most lists). Well, being a meat producer, I have a leg up on meal prepping and a disadvantage on the being more organized part. I have basically any beef or pork cut available at my disposal in our freezer, but I just have to figure out how to find it! Just when I think I have the freezer cleaned out and organized, we are canning vegetables or adding some items from a recent sale at the grocery store and BAAM, my freezer is packed again.

I have learned over the years that a plan is just a dream until you put it into action. I need to take the time to write out my goals and schedule time to dedicate to them so they actually become reality. So here it goes:


  1. This week, I will clean out my freezer and defrost it. I will then take an inventory of what I have on hand.

  2. Over the following week, I will research best methods to organize my meat in my stand up freezer and purchase any items I need to do it.

  3. Next week, I will implement my new method in my freezer.

  4. The rest of the year, I will be sure to keep all my items in their designated spots and not purchase any additional items, that I don’t need or have room for (saving me money and food waste).

Meal Prepping

  1. This is easy to do when you have an organized freezer (so I hope)! Every Sunday, I want to allow 30 minutes to write down my meals for the week and make my grocery list. I love the Kroger Clicklist, because I can use their app to make my list as I plan my meals and then I just pick up the groceries I need on Monday night after work.

  2. I will use what I have in the freezer first and supplement with additional items. So for instance, if I have a lot of ground beef I will incorporate that weekly and eat less steak (boo).

  3. I want to rotate my meals with chicken, fish, pork, and beef. To do a better job at this, I want to find some farmers who sell these in bulk so I always have items on hand for busy weeks where a trip to the grocery store on Monday nights isn’t feasible.

If you also have organization or meal prepping on your list, I hope my plan helps you to get a good start on your own resolutions. If you want to incorporate healthy meals in your meal plans, or buy in bulk from a farmer for those busy nights so you always have options, you can start by visiting us at We have options for any family size, from buying a quarter, half, or whole beef to buying a 35 pound bundle or buying by the piece.

Our meat checks off several of those New Year’s resolutions.

  1. It helps you stay organized and prepared for those last minute guests or busy nights on the go.

  2. It is also a healthy alternative to your options in the grocery store (remember the all-natural, locally-raised, hormone-free, non-gmo part).

So, check us out, and get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions this year! 2020, we’ve got you!

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07. Sept. 2021

Loved rreading this thank you

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Buckeye Valley Beef Co.
Buckeye Valley Beef Co.
07. Sept. 2021
Antwort an

Thank you! We enjoy blogging - especially if it's helpful and enjoyed by others!

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