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My Supermarket Meat Experience

This week, my family celebrated Memorial Day just as most American families do. We had hamburgers and hot dogs, baked beans and potato chips – the all-American summer meal.

Monday morning, I went to the freezer to grab a few pounds of ground beef when I realized I had run out. Since the cook out was in just a few hours, I didn’t have time to go to our farm pick-up location to grab more. I had one option: make the dreaded journey to our local Kroger on a holiday. I have nothing against Kroger, it’s just if you live in a small town like I do, you know how horrible of an idea it is to go to the only grocery store in town on a holiday. Once there, I grabbed a couple pounds of burger and a few other items I needed and headed back home.

Normally, two pounds of burger is plenty for my family gathering of eight. Boy was I wrong! I had completely forgotten how much store-bought beef shrinks, not to mention the amount of grease shimmering on the burgers as you grill them. I was grateful for that moment. It reminded me how lucky I am to have a better meat option readily available to my family. It reinstated my belief in our mission to give all families the opportunity to have better beef, too!

Have a happy week and stay dry!

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