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Hamilton Family Farms

Adam, Alli, and their daughter Averie

A Family Tradition

Farming goes back many years with the Hamilton name. Hugh Hamilton was a dairy farmer and John Hamilton was a farmer of soybeans, corn, hay, tobacco, tomatoes, and other various crops over the years. Adam grew up with farming being the norm and even when his father, John, sold the farm, Adam got his first loan at the age of 15 and carried on the tradition with his first herd of cattle. Adam rented many different pastures through the years and always worked to increase cattle numbers and quality.

Taking a Chance

In 2009, Adam rented pasture at a farm in Ripley, OH. Adam and Alli were dating at the time and spent many evenings together checking the cows and doing the feeding. One evening in particular they pulled into the driveway of the rented land and there was an unexpected for sale sign. The first thoughts were about what they would have to do with the cattle, where would they put them and the possibility of having to sell the herd was just heartbreaking. After much discussion, the two decided that buying the farm would be the answer. They weren’t necessarily ready to purchase a farm, but the deal was done in March of 2012 and has proven to be a blessing ever since. Adam and Alli married in August that same year and called the Ripley farm home.

The Transition

The house on the farm was unlivable at the time, so Adam and Alli purchased a single wide house trailer and began the major house renovation. The farm itself has also undergone many improvements with the fence, barns, grain bins, etc. The cattle herd continued to improve and grow; calves at the time were sold to the stock yards and some kept for beef. Most recently, all the calves are kept for freezer beef, because the Hamiltons enjoy raising their cattle from birth to beef. They take pride in knowing where their food comes from and how the animal was raised and fed in its lifetime. They also take pride in knowing that the beef they feed their customers has been raised and fed to the highest quality standards.

In 2018, they were asked to join Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative – another good decision for the farming operation with more options to sell freezer beef and work with other great farmers and friends in the area.

Looking Forward

In 2019, the Hamiltons made another wonderful decision and added to their family with the birth of their daughter Averie! The farm now feels complete and she has filled their home with even more love and laughter. The Hamiltons will continue life on the farm and work to sustain the farming traditions for their next generation. They look forward to watching Averie grow up on the farm, care for her own animals, and hopefully take over one day to continue what they have started.

Stay tuned as we complete the Meet our Farmer segment with the Parker Family.

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