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How do you like your beef?

Put down the ketchup bottle

As a kid, I would never dream of touching a steak that was practically mooing at me, let alone one that had any pinkness to it at all. Well-done was the only way to go; and the only way to eat it was with ketchup. Turns out, I was all wrong.

When I met my husband, his family had been raising cattle for the locals for over 20 years. They knew the qualities of a good steak, and I think he about died the first time he attended a family dinner and noticed the ketchup bottle sitting on the table. The worst insult to a cattle farmer is to lather his/her steak in a sauce to eat it. If you want to save your friendship, or in my case relationship, and learn how to eat a good steak, step away from the ketchup bottle.

In a 2017 Men’s Health article, Americans Are Ordering Their Steak All Wrong</